Grow your own organic food with EarthPods

Better for you - better for the environment - exquisite tastes for your kitchen

An EarthPod is a simple, but cunningly-designed miniature farm, covered by a hoop tunnel that creates a protected micro-climate.


The carefully-optimised size means that you have enough space to grow a significant amount of food, and yet can easily fuss over the plants inside (so, for example, insects can be removed by hand, and not with pesticides). 


An EarthPod contains compost, organic materials, soil, and other natural nutrients. At the very bottom is a water-retention layer from which water rises through the soil by capillary action. This approach to watering by wicking reduces evaporation loss, encourages strong root systems, and keeps the plants healthy without using wasteful hosepipes and sprinklers.


If you need more food than one EarthPod can produce, then simply adopt more than one EarthPod.