Organic food grown effortlessly on your doorstep.  Economy, ecology, health and taste

There are many good reasons to grow your own food.

There are probably good reasons why you aren’t already doing it: you don’t have the time, it’s too much effort, and you don’t want to spend the next year of your life reading gardening books.

Rebel Earth makes it happen for you, in your own back yard.

Better food, grown more easily.

We have developed the Earth PodTM as a controlled environment that can produce food efficiently in a small, urban space. It contains a carefully-balanced combination of compost, nutrients and soil, in which a selected menu of crops can thrive in the specific micro-climate of your suburb. We don’t need to add chemicals, so we don’t. We install as many as you need at your home, service them and fuss over them, and you harvest the fresh produce. From Earth Pod™ to plate, every day.

We use a watering system based on wicking, which uses 80% less water and encourages strong root systems. Your food is produced where you are going to use it. It isn’t trucked for hundreds of kilometres, burning fossil fuels all the way. Earth Pods produce better food with lower environmental impact at a cost that compares with supermarket shopping.

You get truly fresh organic food, harvested in five minutes flat.  Most people say it tastes better, and it costs less than trying to shop organic.

Wholesome food produced economically and ecologically.  Fresher than your fridge.