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There are many good reasons to grow your own food.

Where aesthetics meet durability in the world of raised planter beds.

Handcrafted from solid timber, featuring stainless steel, aluminium and a robust agricultural cover. Fully lined with an integrated water reservoir.

We have developed the EarthPodTM as a controlled environment that can produce food efficiently in a small, urban space. It contains a carefully-balanced combination of compost, nutrients and soil, in which a selected menu of crops can thrive in the specific micro-climate of your suburb. We don’t need to add chemicals, so we don’t.

Rebel Earth Earthpods for growing organic venegatbles in raised planter beds boxes

Better food, grown more easily

We use a watering system based on wicking, which uses 80% less water and encourages strong root systems. Your food is produced where you are going to use it. It isn’t trucked for hundreds of kilometres, burning fossil fuels all the way. EarthPods produce better food with lower environmental impact at a cost that compares with supermarket shopping. You get truly fresh organic food, harvested in five minutes flat.  Most people say it tastes better, and it costs less than trying to shop organic.

Wholesome food produced economically and ecologically.  Fresher than your fridge.

The EarthPod

An EarthPod™ is a simple, but cunningly-designed miniature farm. The Classic EarthPod measures 2000mm x 1000mm x 600mm high, covered by a hoop tunnel that creates a protected micro-climate.

Carefully Optimised

The carefully-optimised size means that you have enough space to grow a significant amount of food, and yet can easily fuss over the plants inside (so, for example, insects can be removed by hand, and not with pesticides).

Strategically Raised

An EarthPod™ is a large, raised-bed garden.  It contains layered compost, organic materials, soil, and other natural nutrients. At the very bottom is a water-retention layer from which water rises through the soil by capillary action. 


The budget friendly SquarePods are our entry level wicking beds that are available as another option in our range.
1200 x 1000 x 600


What People are Saying

“Magnificent Product”

Rebel Earth (Debby) you provide a magnificent product, hand in hand with warm and personal service.  I am so extremely happy with my pod.  I have my own personal organic salad bar at the window of my kitchen and it looks beautiful too.  I can recommend a Pod or 2 at least for every home. 


“A Great Find”

Such an innovative idea – especially in this water-scarce region. Every household needs an installation.  Brilliant!!


“Excellent Service”

So easy, excellent service, and absolutely delicious! Everyone should have an earth pod in their home or business.


“Clean & Fresh”

I was so lucky, my daughter gave me a pod for my Christmas present. Absolutely LOVE it.  Clean and Fresh health right outside my door.. no pesticides to worry about, very little water, I wont be getting this new disease listeriosis, my food is clean and healthy and growing like wildfire. 


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