How it works
Filling urban spaces with healthy, home-grown food. Install EarthPods at your home or business. You choose your seasonal crops of vegetables and herbs. Earth-friendly, organic farming on your doorstep.

The EarthPod

The EarthPod is a self-contained, protected, nutrient-rich miniature farm. Its unique water-wicking system and hoop tunnel reduce water usage by up to 80%. One or two can provide fresh herbs, salad and vegetables for a whole family. Several together could power a restaurant.
EarthPods in action
Earth Pods at work around Cape Town

Home-grown, organic food

On a balcony in Bakoven

Fresh from the EarthPod

Michael from Courtyard Cafe choosing this morning's freshest ingredients

Kalk Bay

Harvesting organic food for The Courtyard Cafe

Producing fresh salad

The EarthPod at Chardonnay Deli, 12 weeks after planting
Filling urban spaces with organic farms. Order your EarthPod here