Rebel Earth installs EarthPodsTM at your home, so you can grow your own food off-the-grid.  You use less water and energy, and it tastes better.  What’s not to like ?  EarthPods help your food supply survive heat and drought, and protect your plants without the use of nasty agro-chemicals.   

We can service the EarthPods as well, so you don’t have to do any gardening unless you want to. 

Rebel Earth EarthPods are the power behind professional chefs; passionate foodies, and people who simply want pure food in a hurry.  You have to admit that it is easier to pick food from your own garden than it is to rush out to queue at the supermarket. 

And if you have a NutriBullet, an EarthPod is the ideal companion for it:  a fresh-this-minute supply of greens for the most nutritious smoothies.  

Japanese Cedar EarthPod producing organic food at home

Custom covers and kits allow you to turn your existing raised bed into an EarthPod

Keen foodies and entertainers can install multiple EarthPods, for lashings of superior salads and herbs

Growing your own organic food with a kiln-dried pine EarthPod

Commercial farming has done a good job of feeding the world so far. However, like our dependence on fossil fuels, it has a dark side and it won’t take us much further.

The world our children are inheriting faces challenges in sustaining the basics of modern life: food, water and energy. By prototyping a more rational and less wasteful way of producing food, we address one of these problems head-on, and help with the other two.

Resistance is fertile.

Growing your own organic food – an elegant addition to any garden

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