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Rebel Earth’s EarthPods are the power behind professional chefs; passionate foodies, and people who simply want pure food in a hurry.

Keen foodies and entertainers can install multiple EarthPods, for lashings of superior salads and herbs

“Rebel Earth is a flower that bloomed from the drought in Cape Town. 

I have always been passionate about gardening and cooking, but growing my own food with insufficient water was unworkable.  The poor local soil is challenging enough, but not being able to water made it impossible.  I did a lot of research into sustainable agriculture, and concluded that the only answer was to design gardens based on wicking beds that use every drop of water that you put into them:  water and nutrients must not be able to leach away from the plants. 

I wanted to find a way to keep the plants strong without using pesticides, and so developed a sealed hoop tunnel that allows in the most useful wavelengths of light for plant growth, but keeps out birds and egg-laying insects. 

I was able to use my experience of engineering draughting, and also a long list of interests in which I have a lifetime’s experience:  cutting and sewing for the covers; project management for sourcing joinery, membranes and pipework; gardening for practical knowledge of the factors that keep plants healthy and productive, such as soil composition and companion planting. 

I would like to think that Rebel Earth is an inspiring example of a sustainable, genuinely useful business that has been created by a woman from a blank sheet of paper, without investors or sponsors; built only on my creativity, personal values and determination.”

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