Ordering an EarthPod is easy

Place your order on this page:  scroll down to the Order Form below.  We’ll email you back to sort out payment by EFT or credit card.  


EarthPod in Siberian Larch or Spruce R14 500

A complete EarthPod includes a 2000 x 1000 x 600 raised bed with a base, fully lined with a dam liner; plus the Hoop Tunnel, pipes, and membranes.  You install the EarthPod, and fill it with your own soil and plants. 

Full installation service R5 200 per EarthPod

Optional for clients in Cape Town and surrounds – includes expert installation, soil and plants 


EarthBox in treated Pine R10 200

Our budget-friendly option is a 2000 x 1000 x 600 raised bed with an open bottom and a Hoop Tunnel, but without the internal wicking system and floor.  The price includes delivery in Cape Town and surrounds.

Stand-alone Hoop Tunnel R4 500

We offer stand-alone Hoop Tunnels on a 200mm treated Pine frame.  The Hoop Tunnel helps to protect your plants from egg-laying insects, pets and harsh weather.

Custom Hoop Tunnels from R1 950

Custom Hoop Tunnels for your existing raised beds.

Service visits from R750

You can buy a service visit for R750 for the first EarthPod, plus R350 for each additional EarthPod.  This includes 4 punnets of seedlings per Pod.  Additional crops and soil amendment are billed separately. 

Replacement covers R950

EarthPod owners can order replacement covers for their Hoop Tunnels.  Installation priced separately if required.


You can collect from us, or we can quote for delivery.  

We have provided EarthPods to clients in Cape Town, the Garden Route, Knysna, Langebaan, Gauteng, KZN and France (yes, the one in Europe).  


For clients choosing full installation, we include a selection of seasonal plants, chosen in consultation with you.  We plant seedlings, not seeds, so the time to a first usable crop is typically a few weeks. 

A single EarthPod can provide a significant proportion (possibly all) of your produce requirements. Two Earth Pods should provide a comfortable supply for a family of four.

For commercial users, such as restaurants and small produce outlets, you could use EarthPods to harness under-utilised and previously unattractive urban space near your premises for efficient food supply.  This means freshness, and flexibility of delivery times and quantities to a level that is impossible to match with conventional, factory-scale supply chains.