Ordering an EarthPod is easy

You can place your order on this page, using the form below.  We’ll email you back to sort out payment by EFT.


Full installation (Cape Town area)

If you live around Cape Town, the most convenient way to adopt an EarthPod is for us to install it for you.  The price covers the provision and installation of everything – even the soil and the plants.   Before you commit, we will be happy to visit you to discuss where the EarthPod will best fit, and what crops and finishes suit your taste.  

You can buy a bundle of four service visits for R1 050, which includes soil amendment or new crops as required.

Heat-treated pine EarthPods cost R7 400 fully installed

Japanese Cedar EarthPods cost R9 800 fully installed

Clay brick EarthPods cost R10 500 fully installed

Screeded brick EarthPods cost from R11 500 plus the cost of whatever paint you specify

Little Rebels (small EarthPods for people with limited space) in reclaimed heat-treated pine cost R5 450 , and in Japanese Cedar cost R8 900


Self-install Kits

If you live further afield, we can provide you with kits to install yourself.  We have provided kits to clients in Gauteng, KZN and France (yes, the one in Europe).  Kits include the hoop tunnel, pipes and membranes and a very detailed set of self-build instructions.  Kits can be provided with a Heat-treated Pine or a Japanese Cedar base, in which case you provide soil and plants; or without a base, in which case you also need to build a base as well.  

Kit with Japanese Cedar base R8 150

Kit with heat-treated pine base R6 900

Kit without a base R4 700

You can collect from us, or we can quote for delivery.  


Covers only

If you already have a food production system, but want to add one of our very nicely-designed hoop tunnels, we can provide you with a cover.

The standard size is 720mm high, 1 000mm wide and 2 200mm long.  A standard cover costs R950; custom sizes from R1 150:  let us know what size you want and we will send you a quote.  


For clients choosing full installation, you can choose seasonal plants for your EarthPod here.  We plant seedlings, not seeds, so the time to a first usable crop is typically a few weeks. 

A single EarthPod can provide a significant proportion (possibly all) of your produce requirements. Two Earth Pods should provide a comfortable supply for a family of four.

For commercial users, such as restaurants and small produce outlets, you could use EarthPods to harness under-utilised and previously unattractive urban space near your premises for efficient food supply. The supply chain is vanishingly short. This means freshness, and flexibility of delivery times and quantities to a level that is impossible to match with conventional, factory-scale supply chains.