An EarthPod is a simple, but cunningly-designed miniature farm. The Classic EarthPod measures 2000mm x 1000mm x 600mm high, covered by a hoop tunnel that creates a protected micro-climate.

The carefully-optimised size means that you have enough space to grow a significant amount of food, and yet can easily fuss over the plants inside (so, for example, insects can be removed by hand, and not with pesticides). 

An EarthPod is a large, raised-bed garden.  It contains layered compost, organic materials, soil, and other natural nutrients. At the very bottom is a water-retention layer from which water rises through the soil by capillary action. This approach to watering by wicking reduces evaporation loss, encourages strong root systems, and means we can keep the plants healthy without using wasteful hosepipes and sprinklers.

If you need more food than one EarthPod can produce, then simply adopt more than one EarthPod.

If you are a confident gardener, we can install an EarthPod for you and you can tend it yourself. If you are busy, tired, over-stretched or would rather gnaw off your own arms than spend time gardening, then we can look after it for you.

EarthPods come in different types of wood to suit your garden

Wooden EarthPods are pre-assembled, so installation is simply a matter of preparing a level surface and loading in the watering system and earth layers. It takes three or four hours. We offer wood that is carefully sourced for sustainability and performance. 

The woods we are offering at present are:


Spruce is a creamy-white wood, with an elegant grain and a high strength-to-weight ratio.  It has many commercial uses; in piano soundboards, cellos, guitars, boats, furniture and EarthPods.  Fun fact – spruce was used by the Wright brothers in the first-ever aircraft.  We use durable 40mm timber, treated with ProNature sealer.    

Spruce – a beautiful wood with an elegant grain

Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch is a sustainable, slow-grown, high-density softwood.  It is comparable in hardness to oak, has natural resistance to fungus, and can be used without treatment (untreated, it will weather from its raw straw-to-golden colour to a silvery grey).  It is one of the strongest and hardest commercial softwoods.  Because of its durability, it is traditionally used for cladding and boat planking, and it looks great.  

See the source image

Siberian Larch in its raw state

Exotic woods 

If you are looking for something highly personalized, we can source exotic, FSC-certified woods from sustainable sources.  Drop us a line to discuss requirements and pricing.  Popular choices include Iroko and Japanese Cedar.   

EarthPod, protected with eco-friendly ProNature sealer

Off-the-grid food supply to complement the off-the-grid electricity

Pine EarthPod (you can visit this EarthPod at Chardonnay Deli in Constantia)

Japanese Cedar EarthPods, busy repelling insects

An EarthPod being beautiful in a corner

A Japanese cedar EarthPod relaxing on its own patio

An exotic wood EarthPod tucked discreetly behind the greenhouse

EarthPods doing what they do best:  growing food in small spaces